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Update: Woodfield Plantation Transport

24 July, 2017

As you are aware from my previous correspondence we continue to lobby SYPTE to improve the non-statutory arrangements for our Woodfield Plantation children.  

Following further discussions with SYPTE we have secured the option to extend the 552 route into the Woodfield Plantation following a review of the actual usage of the Powell's vehicle. The review will take place in September and we will keep you informed of the date of change of the route. This review can only take place after the first week when it is clear how many statutory places have been taken up by students from Tickhill, Wadworth and Loversall. Parents will need to ensure that the other available options are used for the start of term. 

This constitutes significant progress, however the change may not cater for the expected demand from the estate as the capacity of the Powell's bus is less than the previous bus provided by Mass Bright company. If demand exceeds capacity we may have to consider how available places are allocated. 

We will keep you informed of developments as soon as we have further information. 

Keith Binks



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