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Alumni Group:

Thank you for clicking on our Alumni page. As a former student we are eager to find out more about you since you left the Academy and would love you to join the Sir Thomas Wharton Community College / Edlington School Alumni Facebook Group.

We hope that this is another stage in a mutually beneficial lifelong connection with the Academy and that you can continue to share in the Academy experience in many ways. We would love you to:

  • Keep us posted on where you are and what you are doing.
  • Come into the Academy and share some of your amazing experiences with our curr​ent students.
  • Become a mentor or volunteer.
  • Help us to fund raise to pay for developments in the Academy and our chosen charities.
  • Join in our Alumni based social events.
  • Come along to our musical and sporting events.
  • Make use of preferential rates for hiring out any of our facilities.

Click the link below and request to join the group:


Alumni Facebook Group


We really appreciate your support and value your continued involvement with Sir Thomas Wharton Academy. We look forward to hearing from you.


ICT Enrichment Programme:

We are currently working hard to raise a staggering £150,000 to enrich the ICT infrastructure here in the Academy for our students. This includes installing wireless capability all across the Academy and providing Google Chromebooks for our students to use during lessons, among a whole host of other equipment that will support this. Could you help us to reach our target?

Any donation would be gratefully received.


STWA MyDonate