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Academy Day & Term Dates

The Academy Day:


Academy official opening hours are from 8:20am until 3:30pm.

We welcome students being in the building before and after the academy day for purposeful activity however, this needs to be in a supervised capacity.

There will be no access to the building for students before 7:45am.

We cannot be held responsible for the safety of the students before this time as the building is being cleaned and staff numbers on site are low.

Students who arrive before 8:20am must stay in the canteen and atrium area so that we can ensure they are properly supervised.

A breakfast service is available from 8am for those who wish.

The main student pedestrian gates will be locked at 8:35am. All students arriving after this time must enter via reception and sign in as late.

After 3:30pm, any student on site should be registered with a member of staff in an enrichment club, study club, detention or intervention.


Term Dates: