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How Can I Help My Child?

What is my child studying this week?

Every student will now have a Long Term Plan for each subject that they take while at the Academy. These will be included in exercise books. Specific Long Term Plans for your child can also be accessed via the VLE.

An example can be seen below:

  = Blue cells indicate topics which students will be taught in lessons.
  = Yellow cells indicate Moderated Assessment weeks.
  = Black cells indicate Exam weeks.
  = Indicates a Data Tracking week.

Intervention and Revision sessions will be advertised in the red cells on the right hand side.

Some Long Term Plans will have a black box at the top which will contain some specific course and exam board information.

Long Term Plans for English and Maths are being reviewed and will not appear currently.


General support for teenagers:


Project Education    (Offers links to GCSE chat forums)






Youth Access    (General parent support)


Family Lives    (Confidential helpline for parents: 0808 800 2222)


Exam Information:

Links to specific exam boards, information and exam tips can be found on the Exams page.


Revision Information:

General revision tips can be found on the Revision page.


Revision Advice for Parents 


Careers Information:

Careers information can be found on the Careers Advice page.