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Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning – The Sir Thomas Wharton Way!

Our teaching will be born of a passion for learning and a desire to make a difference to the lives of young people. It will be aspirational, inspirational, motivational and provide enjoyment in learning.

We will teach for progress. This means that we work to ensure that all students are improving skills, knowledge and understanding across all lessons and activities.  We recognise the need for consolidation and practice but we are vigilant in our avoidance of tasks that involve unnecessary repetition or low-levels of challenge.

We will work together and with our students to create a professional learning community where we strive for self-improvement. We will reflect on our teaching and the progress of all our students and seek ways to help each of them make even better progress.

We recognise that teachers, who consistently deliver high quality lessons, resulting in good progress, are outstanding. Leaders at all levels will support colleagues to be outstanding practitioners.

We will use the Sir Thomas Wharton key strands of teaching to plan effectively and deliver consistently good and outstanding lessons. The quality of teaching will be measured against these strands and professional development will be focused on areas of improvement relating to them.

Our four key teaching and learning strands are:

  1. Challenge for Learning and Progress.
  2. Engagement for Learning and Progress.
  3. Assessment for Learning and Progress.
  4. Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Progress.

All of our teachers have access to examples of good and outstanding practice as well as a range of shared resources that can be used in our planning.

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